A garden is about making choices. It is also about vision. Moving Gardens presents a different way of seeing a garden – using form, texture and movement to create a space that is natural, beautiful, dependable and alive, with a strong emphasis on low-maintenance.

The focus on MOVEMENT is twofold: MOVEMENT in the literal sense as a response to natural elements and MOVEMENT as metamorphosis – using plants that keep changing throughout the seasons – presenting the viewer with an ongoing and changing perspective. This results in a more efficient use of plant material – using those plants that keep changing and looking beautiful at every stage, even through the winter.

Low-maintenance is the overriding consideration

in the creation of a moving garden. Contributing
elements include:

  • Suitability to location
  • Beauty and ease of culture
  • Strength and resilience
  • Duration of bloom and flowering dependability
  • Scale and size
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Plant longevity

Moving Gardens’ mission is to create low-maintenance gardens inspired by their surroundings - a place where beauty and MOVEMENT become the horticultural focus.